Friday, July 23, 2010

2010 Games in the Books

So it’s taken me a few days to decompress, but I am back at the computer and ready to recap what proved to be a weekend for the ages.

First, major props to the organizers for pulling things together. Going from Aromas to the Home Depot Center in a years time is like going from chewing grapes to swallowing watermelons. The sheer size of the place was a logistical issue in itself, not to mention moving people, equipment, and competitors around the grounds. There were at least 3 times as many volunteers as last year working hard around the clock, as well as the coverage crew, announcers, and security guards. Not an easy balancing act I assure you.

Second, the events were incredible. Last year I had my reservations about the workload heaped on competitors during day 1. Everyone was destroyed and the emphasis seemed so lower body driven that many upper body skills were not tested. Not so this time around. The coordinators found ways to work almost every conceivable movement into these games, even if it came on the very last event (rope climb). There were so many more gymnastic skills that athletes had to prove competence in that many guys and girls played themselves out of contention early on. There were grumblings about the high level gymnastics from some people, but I couldn’t disagree more. I’d hate for the fittest man or woman to be little more than an engine capable of putting out raw power. This year’s winners were coordinated, athletic, and well-rounded—as they should be. I really can’t say enough about how impressed I was by the level at this year’s competition. Some serious studs.

Unfortunately for me, my best events came later in the day than earlier. The sandbag carry was right up my alley, and the final trifecta would have been perfect. I didn’t have the technical proficiency on the rings to handle either the muscle ups to the handstand pushups well enough to score points, and the pistol squats were too much for my newly recovered ankles. Still, I have no real regrets. 23rd is not where I wanted to be, but I believe that if I had learned how to do muscle ups without a false grip I am fit enough to have been in the top 16 and maybe higher. Going forward this is a huge motivator. I can’t wait to see the results of a year blended between the creative fitness I’ve grown to love and the standard training that can be found in a more regular box.

My only criticism of the event has to be the scoring. If there must be cuts, then the point totals have to be re-calibrated accordingly or else the later events hold less weight. After thinking on this topic for some days I think I have the solution. If you cut by half, then divide the points of the remaining competitors by half as well. This will ensure that the ratio of value for points remains the same even though there are less athletes left. So, if after 4 events you cut from 50 to 25, then everyones point total will go from 10 to 5, 15 to 7.5, 20 to 10, etc. Then continue on with a 1-25 point scoring system until the next cut.

My plan is to start limited training again this weekend at the Level I Cert in Rancho Santa Margarita, where I will be interning with the HQ staff, and more serious stuff the following Monday back in Sacramento. Also, the online store should be set up by middle of next week for those of you who want to get t-shirts, etc. from the site. There will be plenty to choose from and they will be available in both the U.S. and Europe. Hard to believe this thing is over, but it’s also that much more exciting. So much time between now and the next big thing to see how far we can push the limit.


  1. You're the man, Blair. Awesome work last weekend. Like your ideas about the scoring system as well. Best of luck out in Cali and we hope to see you back in DC soon...

  2. Blair, you were awesome ! cant wait for the t shirts and see what a year of calibrated training will do for you. the games definitely are the place to expose ones weaknesses, making you evaluate everything. i'm sure that next year you'll be even better and who knows maybe we'll meet there :).

  3. Cool I've been wanting an Anywherefit shirt for awhile now. Good job at the games, to bad you couldn't have done the last workout with all climbing, would have been right in your wheelhouse.

  4. Quick question: you really like the skins compression stuff? Does it make a noticeable difference? Would you recommend it for someone who is not nearly as committed and/or in-shape as you?
    PS - Awesome blog and nice work at the games.

  5. Great job Blair....cant wait for the shirts

  6. Woke up like 5 in the morning last sunday (in Sweden) just in time for the "Sandbag-event" and realized this was up your alley. It was great watching you take 600 lbs in a wheelbarrow all the way to the other side to the amazement of the commentators and all the people watching, you led the way!

    It was a great competition and you did well, hope well see you competing next year! Best wishes to your business also! :)

  7. great meeting you and best of luck in the new year's training. aside from your newly recovered ankles, you kinda got screwed by your judge on those pistols. he was no counting WAY more than any other judge out there.