Friday, July 30, 2010

Interval Training

Workout of the Day

5 rounds

With a 2 minute cap, run 400 meters then do as many ground to overhead as possible in the time remaining w/ 135 lb

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an interval session like this. SO effective. The time cap forces you to push the pace and the promise of rest makes it okay to do so without burning out. The first round I came around in 1:10 or so expecting to rip through the GTOs but as soon as I picked up the weight my hamstrings practically collapsed. Turns out running hard taxes the posterior chain pretty heavily. Who knew. I got 10 repetitions before the time expired and I got my 2 minutes rest. The last 4 rounds all took between 1:15 and 1:23 and I scored 9, 9, 8, and 8 reps respectively for a total of 44.

The best part about this WOD was the value of the recovery portion. Working at near-maximal levels means you can’t continue without breaking, so the faster your recovery the more efficient you become. I think these types of intervals are the best way to test and improve this capacity. Thinking back on it, I would have loved to see something along these lines during the CrossFit Games. A WOD with built in rest periods to test sprint/recovery would have been really fun to see.

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  1. That would be really interesting! Impessed that you are back on track (haha) so fast after the competition. Good stuff!