Thursday, July 29, 2010

A New Park

Workout of the Day

3 rounds for time

20 pullups

50 walking lunge

50 meter sprint

20 pushups

100 meter sprint

I made it over to a new park today in Roseville that I am now in love with. I had really only hoped for an area with space, some grass, and maybe a soccer goal or two, but this place had so much more. It backs up to a middle school playground with old style monkey bars, tri-level pullup bars, parallel bars, and more. Just about everything you could ever want for gymnastic training is available at this place. I’m pumped to get back there often and use this stuff.

For today though, the plan was simple. I wanted to try some of the ground separation pushups from the Games to see how hard they actually were. They were surprisingly difficult. I think most of us take for granted the flexibility our shoulders should have, but after a few sets the big muscles attaching to the front of the humorus don’t want to let you retract your scapula. Kind of a helpless feeling that. The running was tough as well. I really sprinted these intervals as fast as I could and it jacked up the intensity of the workout in no time. The entire thing took me 11:05.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the track for some 400 meter intervals plus max ground to overheads. Some serious threshold training I expect before heading down to Newport and workouts on the beach. For those of you who know Sven, wish him a happy 30th birthday tomorrow. Poor guy…

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  1. Used this WOD as inspiration for my workout last night with some buddies. Needed to get some dead lifts in and, for fun, I threw in some burpees. Turned out something like this....


    10 BW deadlifts, 30 walking lunge, 20 burpees, 50m sprint, 20 pushups, 80(ish)m sprint!

    All bad!


    Sacramento, CA