Thursday, July 8, 2010

Partner WOD

Workout of the Day

Partner WOD:

1 mile run together

200 yd sled row (200 lb)

200 yd tire flip (350 lb)

200 yd overhead ladder carry (40 lb)

800 meter weighted run together

This workout took place on the grounds of the Sacramento Fire Academy down at the old McClellan Air Field. What a facility. Seemingly endless space filled with crazy toys to play with. It’s open all hours to firefighters who want to train, sporting a huge hanger-like weight facility, a full size outdoor track, all kinds of tires, hoses, and ladders, and a seriously motivating atmosphere.

Since both of us were feeling a little beat down after the heavy squats and river WOD from the day before, a partner effort was the right fit. We walked around and put together the necessary materials and got after it. The mile run felt great. Easily the best my ankles have felt during a run since I hurt them back in April. Major confidence boost here. We stayed together the whole time and cruised in at 6:40 without any real problems and got right into the sled rows. Using a standard sled stacked with 180 lbs of weight, we alternated doing 10 full squat and rows until we reached the end of the football field. Then we went back. The grass was a surprisingly friction-filled surface on this. No slide whatsoever, making this a lot harder than expected.

The tire flips were much easier for me, but harder for John. We alternated every 5 flips, going 100 yards before turning around and heading back. I felt like I was back in DC flipping the monster tire at Balance with the guys from the US Rugby team. Could have done it all day. Then came the ladder carry—two aluminum straight ladders stacked on top of one another balanced between John and my outstretched arms. This was strong the first 100, but a little shaky on the way back. But, overall we were cruising and had spent just over 22 minutes by the time we were ready to pick up the hoses and run the last ½ mile.

I’m not sure exactly how much a fire hose weighs, but I’d estimate between 20-30 lbs. We each picked one up and slung it over our shoulders and took off. Much more comfortable than the sandbags I was used to, I must say. Still, just having extra weight on your body while running is always a bitch. We finished in 26:22.

Awesome day and great shake-up doing the partner routine. Completely different mindset when teamwork is involved and that shouldn’t be ignored in programming. Rest day tomorrow then the last weekend of training before Carson. Hum-yee.

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