Sunday, August 1, 2010

Off to Newport Beach

Workout of the Day

Back Squat 5, 5, 5+ @ 65, 75, 85% 1RM

Bench Press 5, 5, 5+ @ 65, 75, 85% 1RM

Glute Ham Raise 10, 10, 10

DB flies 10, 10, 10

Hand balancing

A good session to get in before the weeklong trip to Newport Beach for my buddy’s wedding. Don’t know how much access there will be to heavy weights or if I’ll have the chance to go visit any of the gyms down here between now and the nuptuals. For the squats I got 7 at 355 and for the bench, 5 at 275. Not great numbers, but a good place to start.

Afterwards I spent some time working on hand balancing, including a couple one arm drills against the wall. I'm hoping to get back into doing this stuff everyday and making some actual progress. For the next week I’m really looking forward to some great WODs on the sand and some testers in the water. Hoping for lots of creativity and some good video footage. Eating-wise it will be a challenge, but holidays are holidays. Gotta get after it.


  1. Hey Blair, do you plan on competing in the Games next year, and what will you do differently this time around?

  2. im sure i will try to qualify again next year, but haven't given much thought to it directly. id like to do more intervals and more unbroken sets to try and improve my work capacity. it will be different training only because i will have more steady access to equipment, otherwise i think i will train largely the same.