Monday, August 2, 2010

Newport Beach

Workout of the Day

1 lateral pier climb

3 rounds of:

20 sandbag squats

10 knees to elbows

10 commando pullups

Finish with 1 lateral pier climb

First night in Newport was a long one. As could be expected, everyone was a little excited to be here and went out hard. We didn’t make it back until late into the night and not before many an adult beverage was consumed. The bar scene here is pretty impressive so we had a lot of fun. However, this morning I felt a lot rougher than anticipated. I convinced my boy Ryan to accompany me down to the pier for a little hangover relief and the above workout is what transpired.

I was amped up for this for a few reasons. First, 9 am on a Sunday morning is the ideal scenario for a beach workout in my opinion. The place was sparsely populated, the sun barely licking the wooden beams, and every living thing was just waking up. It was surreal. Second, it was my first opportunity to use my CrossGym sandbag. I haven’t done any sandbag stuff since England (besides the games) and I miss it. The bag worked amazingly. Double thick Kevlar with an interior insert to keep the sand away from the outer zipper and strong handles making it easy to clean. I filled it to about 100 lbs but I think it could fit about 30 more.

The workout itself was really fun and it cured my hangover immediately. I finished in 11:00 even with some great footage. It wasn’t the most intense session or the most difficult, but it got the job done. Tonight I am saying goodbye to Sven and Asta before they head back to Iceland and then returning to the beach for more fun tomorrow. Getting to spend so much time with them has been a real blessing and I hope the next time we see each other won’t be too long. Bon voyage friends!

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