Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hill Runs

Workout of the Day:

3 rounds for time

33 OH squats (95 lb)

200 meter hill run

In spite of the residual effects of the long days and nights of the past week, today was an opportunity not to be missed. The weather in Sacramento was oddly cool, hovering around 85 degrees, so I decided to get out and take advantage. Around the corner from my house is a hill that runs just over 200 meters while climbing 50. This gives it an average grade of 25% and makes it more than challenging to get up and down repeatedly.

The WOD itself was intense. The OH squats went unbroken the first set, broken at 19 the second, and broken at 12, 11, and 10 the last. This was all manageable, but the damn hill was crushing. I found myself drawing on all sorts of anger, competition, and self-doubt to make it to the top without walking each time. I kept remembering the hill in Aromas 2 years ago and thinking if that hill could be climbed with 70 lbs then this one had to be done without stopping.

I think I got a lot out of today’s session and am looking forward to tomorrow’s strength work even more. Below is the video footage from Saturday’s workout that I did not post about. It includes a few great partner exercises that are a lot of fun so I hope some of you try them.


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  2. Hey Blair
    I think the video of the partner WoD, goes up there in the top 10 vids of your WoDs.
    Great stuff and i'm implementing some of those with my group, they won't know what hit them : ).

  3. Nice video! Hm...wonder how the body drag will go if your not on sand...

    But since I'm off to Greece in 2 weeks I guess I can find a beach hihi :)

    Thank you for a very inspiring blog!