Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blair vs Sven I

Workout of the Day

10 minute AMRAP…

5 deadlifts @ 145 kg

50 meters down and back w/ 40 kg sandbag

Today was the first installation of an ongoing challenge between me and Sven in Iceland. We’ve become great friends over the past year and decided at this year’s Games that setting up regular training sessions against one another would be both fun and hugely beneficial. We’re hoping to use this as a platform to encourage others to join, make videos, and further enhance the online community that is building around CrossFit.

This particular workout was my choice, simple and intense. I finished with 8 full rounds plus 1 deadlift. I should have gotten 9 full. The last 3 rounds I was losing my grip on the bar due to the brand new bumper plates I just received from CrossGym in Milan. Spectacular stuff but I neglected to wipe them down before throwing them on the bar so the new rubber grease that coats them kept getting on my hands every time I tightened the collars. Not an excuse, just saying I think the bar could be higher.

The sandbag runs felt easy at first but the slight hill felt steeper and steeper towards the later rounds. I got way out of breath and the bag kept swinging more and more, telling me my core was getting loose. Excited to see what Sven did on this, haven’t heard his numbers yet but I’m sure they’re great. I’m already pumped for the next challenge we throw together.

The link for my half is below.


  1. Blair,
    Don't know if you would even remember but I met you the other night in Old Town Sacramento and I am the teacher from Will Rogers. I was wondering if you would be interested in coming over and talking to our students about Crossfit. We have been incorporating Crossfit into the PE program the last two years and it would be great to have someone like yourself come and talk about it. If you can come it would be for 6th period around 1:30-2:30. Let me know if you think that you would be interested in that you can email at jakob.blackwell@sanjuan.edu and we can try to set something up. Thanks.

  2. Hey man, great exercise. I encourage people to take the challenge and send in some videos.
    My score was..... you will see in the video


  3. Love the concept Blair and Sven!

    Going to have that one a try, but will have to scale the DL weights...