Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18 holes and then some

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – play a sport

18 holes of Golf

WOD 2 – 2 man Team workout

50 fireman squats per team

3 rounds of crab walk downhill/bear crawl uphill ea man

200 meter river swim

30 muscle ups per team

400 meter uphill fireman carry to finish

This was a loooong day. Things started with a round of golf with my dad, grandfather, and sister’s boyfriend. After last night’s deadlift/sandbag carry WOD my back and lower body were a little fatigued so walking 18 holes carrying a golf bag wasn’t the perfect fit. But it was fun. Felt great to be doing something that rewarded a relaxed attitude and low intensity effort. I didn’t shoot great, but who really cares when it’s 85 and beautiful out? Priorities people.

The second half of the day was muuuch more difficult. John invited two of his buddies from the fire department to take us on in a team challenge along the American River. It included fireman squats and fireman carries, a nice relay of quadrapedal movements, and some muscle ups. But all those paled in comparison with the swim… again. 200 meters across the current was incredibly TAXING, to the point where I wasn’t sure we were all going to make it to the other side. Thankfully we did and dragged our asses to the top of the bluff where the rings were waiting. This location offered some incredible views that I’m hoping came out on video, courtesy of director Greg. I’ll hopefully work on it some more tomorrow on the plane to Holland. 10 days in Europe and no classes in sight. Going to be a hell of a trip.

Another reminder that the Anywherefit shirts that were printed for the 2010 CrossFit Games are available for purchase but they’re going fast. See the link in the right margin if interested.

Next post will be from the other side of the pond…


  1. Hi Blair,

    When can we expect to be able to purchase a T-shirt from Europe?

    Great Blog by the way.

  2. A J, the t shirts should be available in Europe starting in September hopefully. The manufacturers there are on holiday until then so that's the hold up. If it doesn't work then I will send them directly from the States to Europe, just an extra 3.00 for shipping.

  3. Sounds good to me.

    Just back from a Munro run so sporting an Anywherefit t-shirt next time would top it off.