Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sandbag Lunges

Workout of the Day

Rest as needed between rounds with 120 lb sandbag

50 sandbag lunges

Max shoulder to overhead

40 sandbag lunges

Max shoulder to overhead

30 sandbag lunges

Max shoulder to overhead

20 sandbag lunges

Max shoulder to overhead

This was done in the deep, dry, scorching hot sand of Newport Beach. John and I took turns lugging the bag back and forth and push jerking it with whatever we had left. The lunges were brutal. Even getting that weight up to my shoulders was pretty tough, not to mention the balancing act barefoot sand traction requires. Also, my ass was twitching and felt like it was about to cramp up after the first set. The max effort shoulder to overheads went as follows: 12, 9, 10, and 6 respectively. The two biggest challenges on these were the footing and the breathing. Doing this sequence without dropping the bag is critical. Being under the bag that long really puts pressure on your diaphragm and getting your lungs open between reps gets tougher and tougher.

John and I were pretty wrecked afterwards and spent some time in the ocean to ice down. I fully expect my ass and hamstrings to be destroyed tomorrow. Weighted lunges are amazing strength builders and too few people do them. Now that I have a bag that is capable of holding 120+ lb of sand, I’m going to do them all the time. I put in a short clip of set 3 of the shoulder to overheads below.


  1. Now that's work!!!! Your legs must have been toast after that.

    Greetings from Sao Paulo buddy,


  2. Did this one with my backpack in puerto Escondido mexico. Your crossfit philosophy has been an inspiration to me travelling for 6 months around the world whilst trying to maintain if not improve fitness. Did my first wall climbs with my pack on last night aswell. Making a gym out of urban surroundings halfway across the world is not only really dun but getting a little addictive.