Friday, August 13, 2010

Fair Oaks Park

Workout of the Day:

10, 9, 8…1 Squat Clean w/ 135 lb

20 foot rope climb each set

Still pretty sore today from the OH squats and hill runs on Monday. Kind of shocking how big a toll that workout took on my legs. I was hopeful that getting them moving again with some full range of motion today would speed the recovery.

John and I were back at it in Fair Oaks Park, a place full of the beautiful oak trees that this part of the country is famous for. We strung the rope up towards the back of the park to avoid the picnicking masses huddled around the jungle gym and set the weights up directly beneath. Heading in I expected this to take close to 20 minutes. John was dreading the climbs, but I expected the cleans to be the limiting factor. Turned out we were both a little right and a little wrong.

The first 10 cleans I did without breaking a set. The second went 3, 3, 3; the 3rd went 4, 4. The last 4 sets went unbroken, but the climbs got harder and harder the whole way. I found myself waiting longer and longer between sets to make sure I would make it all the way without failing. John went through the entire 55 cleans doing singles and found his legs wearing weak by the end. My final time was 12:37 and his was 16:28.

We joked around a little afterwards to avoid having to take everything back across the park to our cars, but all in all this was a GREAT workout. Both movements were ones that could be done with brute strength, but can only be efficiently done with good technique. Pairing them together was a good test.

Video footage, courtesy of our friend Mayday, is below.

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