Monday, November 8, 2010

October Winner Is...

Andre from Copenhagen!!
Congratulations to the fast becoming video production powerhouse in the Danish Capital. It was a cool monument, a great workout, and it had a great view. I'll be sending Andre a shirt for the victory.
Also, great submissions all around this month. Really enjoyed watching them and getting some new ideas as I'm sure everyone else did.
For the month of November, the challenge will be to incorporate an innocent bystander. That's right, take your inspiration from Andre's bonus clip on the back end of his video if you need to. but any use of a person in any location will suffice. Remember, the more creative the better and this theme has all kinds of potential. Looking forward to seeing what lays in store...
I'm back on schedule starting Monday, trying to continue gaining strength while incorporating a little more muscle endurance on the back end of workouts. Need to finish this year strong.

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