Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warrior Throwdown

Workout of the Day

WOD 1:

10 minute AMRAP

100 meter tire drag

10 box jumps (20 inches)

10 pushups

10 switch lunges

WOD 2:

400 meter run

3 rounds of

10 burpees

15 ABMAT situps

20 air squats

25 heavy rope jumps

400 meter run

Today was the Elk Grove Health and Fitness fair, organized and hosted by Charlie Zamora of Warrior Fitness. Despite the rain and wind this was a hell of a day. Members of Sac Valley CrossFit, CrossFit 916, CrossFit East Sac, CrossFit West Sac, and Rocklin CrossFit were all in attendance. There were individual and team competitions, food, drinks, music, and even a Vice Mayor. The WODs were simple, brutal, and all of them outside so I approved. All in all, I can’t say a thing bad about the experience.

The first workout was pretty straightforward: don’t burn yourself out sprinting around with a tire behind you and forget you have 10 full minutes to deal with. I picked and kept a hard pace throughout and finished 8 rounds plus about 30 meters. This outpaced the previous best score of 7 rounds plus 100 meters, 10 jumps, and 5 pushups by Chad Augustine in the earlier heat. Not to be outdone, Chad hopped in the next heat and re-did the WOD, posting a new best score of 8 full rounds plus 70 meters. Unbelievable.

The second WOD was more of a sprint the whole way. I definitely saved some on the first 400, but from then one I didn’t hold back a thing. I couldn’t for that matter because Chad was matching me rep for rep the entire time. I don’t think I had time to take a breath during any part of the 3 rounds of bodyweight exercises. We finished the final jump rope at exactly the same time and took off for the final quarter mile. My legs were like lead and my lungs were on fire but it didn’t matter at that point. I was able to pull away on the run a bit and finished in a total time of 6:30, completely gassed. This was as hard as I’ve pushed myself in a long while and I have the competition to thank. Nothing to get you going and overcoming yourself than a group of guys that don’t quit.

Some familiar faces were also there: John of course, Justin of CF East Sac, Rick and Brittney from West Sac, and Gary Baron from Rocklin. From the sound of things we'll all be seeing each other again real soon.


  1. Hey blair, I've been seeing the Reebok zigzag allot these days. how do you feel about them ?

  2. hey zvi, i like the zigs quite a bit actually. i know they're not a flat shoe thus not great for the arches and ankles long term, but for running, jumping, etc when tired i'm finding they're great.

  3. Good times!!! and we will be seeing each other again soon! Who knows what's in store for us next.