Friday, November 19, 2010

Under the Weather

Workout of the Day



Thruster (95 lb)


I could feel a cold coming on yesterday but had hoped a night of rest would stave it off. Unfortunately this was not the case. I woke up today feeling stuffed up and groggy and things have only worsened throughout the day. I managed to stick it out this morning and do my workout as intended, but I think the next few days will be less ambitious. It’s a delicate balance between pressing through obstacles and giving your body the time and space it needs to recover… A balance we all struggle to maintain from time to time.

I did Fran in 3:03 this morning. Honestly, I don’t know how much the sickness held me back. I didn’t break any of the thrusters and only dropped off the pullup bar long enough to re-grip on the 2nd and 3rd sets. Maybe 5 or 6 seconds in there, but not much more. The only way I can see myself going faster is by somehow getting faster with the individual movements—something I’m honestly not that interested in. The biggest value from these benchmark workouts for me is how they gauge my work capacity. If I can continue straight through at near maximal effort without having to stop then I’m performing well. If I can’t, then something somewhere needs to be improved.

Was hoping to squat and press tomorrow, but it’s looking less likely by the minute. Saturday is the Elk Grove Health and Wellness Fair, hosted by my friends at Warrior Fitness and I’m hoping to be feeling better by then.

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