Thursday, January 24, 2013

Light Weight!!!

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 - in the morning...

EMOTM for 10 minutes:

4 muscle ups
4 handstand pushups

WOD 2 - in the afternoon...

Safety Bar Box Squat triples
Band Deadlift doubles for speed
Reverse Hypers 3 x 20
Weighted Planks 3 x max time

Got back to Super Training today and under some heavy weight.  I really don't thrive on the safety bar, but today I actually felt pretty decent.  Which is surprising after the hill climb yesterday.  I got up to 335# for a triple before moving on to the deadlifts.

Band deadlifts are one of my favorite movements.  Just feels fast and strong.  We probably did 20 sets rapid fire between Travis, Arturo, and myself, the heaviest weight only getting to 305#.  All in all the workload was pretty light as these days with Mark typically go, but I still walked out feeling a little wobbly.  The speed work with bands is a tricky animal: you don't really feel the impact while you're doing the reps, but it's there.  Looking forward to a good rest day tomorrow.

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