Friday, February 22, 2013

Anywherefit 2013: Buenos Aires to Santiago Day 6

Workout of the Day

40 minute swim for distance

The drive from Cordoba to Mendoza was a long one.  Including our stops, it took us almost 13 hours to make the trek.  We knew this would be a difficult driving day because of distance, so we were on the lookout for a lake to stop at and stretch our bodies.  With the help of our drivers we found a place near San Luis that served the purpose.

We couldn’t get the whole story on the lake, but it looked like there was a hotel based at one end and a race track encircling it.  There were some banked turns and stacks of tires designed to keep cars from crashing into the walls, but at the same time it was the main thoroughfare for cars to get around the lake. 

Now, the water didn’t smell particularly good—kind of a stagnant scent about it, but it wasn’t horrible and it was relatively warm so there weren’t many qualms about getting in.  The plan was for everyone to swim at their own pace, whether that meant doggy paddling the entire time or swimming across the lake and back.  A group of about 12 of us started out across the lake right away, some with goggles and some without.  At no point was there anyone in this group that seemed to be struggling with the task.  Sarah Beverly even did the entire distance in her baseball cap, a task I certainly wouldn’t want to attempt.  The rest of the group stayed closer to shore and did stroke limited laps (40 strokes out, 40 strokes back).  Not only was this a perfect way to stretch our limbs after the long bus ride, it was the ultimate “anywhere” statement of survival fitness.  Random lake in the middle of Argentina… go swim across it.  I was really proud of everyone’s willingness to get after it, and really impressed with everyone’s capacity to do so.  I think this day said a lot about the caliber of individuals on this particular trip.

Getting back on the bus after the swim for the home stretch of the drive to Mendoza was like nap time in kindergarten.  Everyone was OUT.  Even just 40 minutes of prolonged sun exposure down here is enough to sap the body.  But, once again, the luxury cruise liner of a bus we were on made this even easier.  Tomorrow we’re lifting and hitting the vineyards on Valentine’s Day.  

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