Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Air dyne, box jumps, and muscle ups... oh my!

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 - in the morning...

1 mile run
10 minutes pigeon to pigeon transitions as seen here
Accumulate the following:
2 minutes in bottom of front squat
2 minutes in free handstand
2 minutes in L sit

WOD 2 - in the afternoon at Super Training...

3RM Box Squat
8 x 1 squat clean w/ 5 second pause
3 rounds for completion:
10 bent row
12 reverse hyper
1:00 plank w/ chains
10 glute ham raises

WOD 3 - in the evening...

12 minute AMRAP:
1 mile air dyne
50 box jumps
30 muscle ups

Today was Day 1 of the new training cycle, so of course the load is pretty substantial.  But it felt great today.  My box squats were solid up to 380#, squat cleans felt fine at 240#, and all the assistance work during the afternoon session sucked as usual...  Thanks Mark Bell.

Something I'm making a more diligent effort to include is the Prasara yoga flows put out by Tacfit.  If you don't know these guys, they're a cool group that meshes yoga with jiujitsu to form a ton of great mobility resources.  So often I feel that crossfit ignores non-linear movement patterns that are so useful in daily life... this is a way to bridge that gap without taking too much time away from strength and conditioning.  I'm making all our competitors practice this stuff in our pre-WOD sessions, so we'll see if it helps limit injury and mobilize training.

But without doubt the coup de gras of today was the conditioning session.  A variation of Open WOD 13.3, this was primarily a muscle up test.  When tired, how efficiently can you move through 30 muscle ups.  And if you do, can you give yourself enough time and save enough energy to get back on the bike.  I was very happy with my technique and work capacity on the rings (these just keep getting better and better), finishing my 30 at the 9:30 mark.  That gave me a little less than 2:30 to peddle the bike to the finish.  Sadly, I made it to .95 miles before time ran out.  SO CLOSE!!!


  1. Really great blog Blair! The lake workouts are inspiring.

    Just out of curiosity what type of strength cycle are you working? Would be interested to know the best way to integrate a strength training cycle with crossfit style programming.

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