Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Squeezing it in before Icehouse

Workout of the Day

10 minutes to establish 1RM snatch

5 minute to complete:
20 back squats @ 1RM snatch
20 oh squats @ 75% 1RM snatch

Perform 30 perfect hang power cleans

For day 3 of my training cycle I had to hustle in to the gym early.  A group of us were heading up the hill for a camping trip so I knew I wasn't going to be able to lift otherwise.  Overall, the session was decent.  The snatches definitely weren't going up easy, but I held myself to the 10 minute cap.  My top weight was 225#... could've used another 10 minutes to keep warming up I think.  Still, if I can always snatch 225# when I need to I'll be happy.

Taking that weight and doing the squat portion of the WOD was a lot of fun.  The goal was to finish both sets as fast as possible (back squat at 225#, oh squat @ 165#).  I did the first portion unbroken, quickly stripped the weights, and knocked out 12 on the second.  I tried to force myself to keep the break small before finishing the final 8, but at this point my legs were getting the wobble.  I managed to make it through in a total time of 2:59.  And I'm soooo sore from it!!  Crazy how such a small amount of work can crush you if you're not used to it.  Definitely a cool sequence to try if you're bored of your regular lifting routine.

Once up at the lake, it felt like everything in the world faded away.  I was on the boat wake surfing, in the middle of the lake swimming, and doing morning yoga on the shore.  The group that came up was all about playing cornhole and horseshoes, cooking amazing food, and enjoying the stars.  Not that any of this is surprising or newsworthy, just a pleasant reminder of how fun it is to disconnect from the urban landscape.

Got a big week coming up with a lot of tough workouts.  Looking forward to sharing it.

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