Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Workout of the Day

WOD 1 - in the morning...

1 mile run
10 minutes scorpion transition practice

Back Squat 5 x 5 with 3 second pause
Sumo Deadlift 10 x 1 from elevation

3 rounds for completion:
6 unbroken squat cleans @ BW + 10#
6 atlas stones to shoulder @ 165#
10 Glute Ham raises

WOD 2 - in the evening...

KB swing (32 kg)
Burpee over box (24")

After a nice weekend of recovery, today came hard and fast.  The strength portion of the workout was challenging but fun, the most difficult part being the squat cleans/atlas stone combination.  I had worked up to 300# for my top set of 5 pause squats and 475# for my top sumo DL, but none of that felt as painful as the assistance exercises.  I firmly believe that while doing the major lifts is non-negotiable, Crossfitters benefit hugely from picking the right accessory work to follow them.  Being able to apply strength in different manners and variations is what keeps us progressing.  Getting strong in specific movements is great, but it's not enough.  The truly fit are strong regardless of the implement.  Training a wide variety in the form of supplemental exercises is a great way to accomplish this.

The evening conditioning WOD almost didn't happen for me.  I'd been battling a headache for most of the afternoon and it didn't subside until during the final class of the day at the gym.  Thankfully I jumped in at the last second with a few guys and got this thing done in 4:30.  I was happy with my engine towards the end of the workout--I was able to accelerate through my final 9 burpees, sprinting to the finish rather than crawling.  This also leads me to believe I may have been able to push the pace on the burpees a little sooner, but who knows.  Overall, I was happy with that time.

Going a little off script and hitting a hero WOD tomorrow with my friend and glutten for punishment Brian McIntyre.  "McClusky" here we come.

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