Thursday, June 13, 2013


Workout of the Day


3 rounds for time in a 20# vest:
9 muscle ups
15 burpee pullups
21 pullups
800 meter run

So... today was supposed to be my rest day, but my friend and fellow sadist Brian McIntyre has been unsuccessfully inviting me to hit a hero WOD with him for well over a year now.  Not that I have anything against hero WODs, I actually really like them.  Just, for one reason or another, I keep dodging them whenever he brings it up.  So finally I decided enough was enough, and I hit this one with him today.

To be perfectly honest, it wasn't as bad as I expected.  I never missed any reps, and the hardest part was the running.  For the muscle ups I did sets of 3 the entire way, for the burpee pull-ups I picked a steady unbroken pace, and for the pullups I did sets of 7.  I never really felt in danger of bonking until the final 800 meters when I dialed myself up to full speed.  If done right, I think most hero WODs should feel this way.  They're more about pacing, consistency, and mental toughness than they are about speed.  So although I'm sure I will feel the weighted muscle ups and pullups in the morning, I don't think my body will be too destroyed from today's lack of rest.  My time was 24:15.

To limit the damage, I took a 10 minute soak in the American River (temperature hovering around 60 degrees) and then grabbed a massage.  The 10 minutes I spent submerged in the water felt so natural and relaxing I can't even tell you.  This should be a regular practice for anyone with access to fresh flowing reservoirs of water.

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