Friday, October 29, 2010

CF Stomping Ground

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – In the morning

3 x 200 m hill sprints, rest as needed between

WOD 2 – In the afternoon

Consecutive Tabata intervals

OH squat (45 lb) – no dropping the bar

D ball half moon slams (20 lb)

Toes to Bar

D ball burpees (20 lb)

I was all set to be lazy this morning when my friend Bodie blows up my phone at 6 am saying he’s outside my garage waiting to train. I scrambled up and we headed down the street to one of my neighborhood’s more brutal hills for pre-dawn pain. These were real sprints. I gave each of them my all and took plenty of rest in between to make sure that I could. Still, by the last quarter of the third sprint I could feel my body lacking the energy it needed to be explosive. That’s why I stopped there—hoping to add a sprint each week or so and see how much I improve my recovery and stamina.

This afternoon I met John and our buddy Dan over at Sacramento’s newest CrossFit affiliate: CrossFit Stomping Ground in Carmichael. Jake Newbauer (pictured above) has just moved into the place—doors aren’t even officially open yet—and it’s something to behold. He has an enormous back lot with a hundred year Oak in the back corner!!! Permanent rope climbs is all I have to say. I can see this place being extremely successful and it has me all the more anxious to find my space.

The workout went well: great repetition practice on the OH squats, good aggression on the slams, total wrecker on the toes to bar, and gut check finish with the burpees. To be honest, I’m still worn out from Tuesday’s beatdown at CF East Sac with Justin and Travis so I may take tomorrow off and plan a fun one Saturday. I’m heading up to Weaverville…waaay up North of the state where there is plenty of country and natural beauty. Fingers crossed for some dry weather.

Below is the latest submission for the October Monument Challenge, sent by Nico in Berlin. Only 3 more days to get em in. Enjoy!

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