Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tire Training

Workout of the Day

Flip a 300 lb tire up a 200 m hill

Took the party to the streets this evening with the help of my sister, mother, and friend Jessey. Utilizing the best of mother nature’s natural features and her relentless gravitational pull, I headed to the bottom of the biggest hill in my neighborhood and endeavored to climb it yet again. This time, however, I brought the tire with me. Flips are one of the most complete exercises in my opinion, especially if you can find tire that are tall, and are only more effective when done on an incline. I knew this would be a bear but still couldn’t wait to give it a shot.

In all the hill took me 18:57 to complete. Biggest limitations were the lateral slope (keeping me on a left to right tilt most of the way), and lower back fatigue. Afterwards I could really feel my forearms from gripping and pulling so many times on the tread, but they weren’t a huge factor during the workout. This was a great, really raw session that I think will pay huge benefits. I’d put it in the same category as the distance sandbag carry, trail runs, and even 5 k rows. With these types of challenges you never reach a point where you literally cannot take another step or do another rep, but you are forced to deal with a different type of failure. It’s a matter of will whether you will keep going and complete the task.

One more day to vote for the Public Transportation WOD so take a moment and show the finalists you appreciate their effort. 23 days to get your ideas for the monument WOD on video and uploaded so get out and train people.

Enjoy tonight’s video.


  1. Wow, great workout and AWESOME song. One of the best soundtracks to one of my fave movies of all time. Good work brother.

  2. Blair- I love the blog and it's a great source of information when I am programming my own workouts.

    On the tire flips, if you really want to make the exercise even more sadistic, flip the tire, jump into the middle, then jump out the front, and run around for the next flip. I got the idea for this sequence from a Gym Jones video. I call this series the "tire complex". Ive also added a 20# vest for extra fun.