Friday, October 22, 2010

Ring the Bell

Workout of the Day

20 minute AMRAP

150 meter hill run

20 kb swings (24 kg)

This afternoon John and I met up with Justin Riley of CrossFit East Sacramento to tackle one of the hills I stumbled across on a trail run 2 weeks ago. I expected it to be tough, but not nearly as devastating as it turned out to be.

The 150 meters is an estimate. More important to note is the degree of incline that the distance sits on. It’s STEEP. Almost to the point where we had to put a hand down to keep our balance getting up. The reality of how difficult the WOD was going to be hit us as we were dragging our kettlebells to the top before starting the clock and had to stop to rest halfway.

The hill is divided on its front face into 2 trails, one being the steeper version I’ve just described, and the other being a slightly longer, flatter version splitting to the west. This trail we used to descend as it was safer and provided more room to stay out of each others’ way. Thing was that our legs were so gassed from the other exercises that the run down felt just as hard. Absorbing gravity’s effect coming down from such a steep slope takes its toll.

To provide a little bit of a carrot for us I hung a cowbell at the top that we could hit every time we finished the climb. This was surprisingly satisfying. The kb swings turned out to be almost a rest compared with the run up and down—scary when you think about it. Overall I finished 5 rounds in 19:00, John finished 4 rounds + 16 in 20:00, and Justin finished 4 rounds in 18:55. I know we will all be sore tomorrow. Check the video below.

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