Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nimbus Dam to Negro Bar

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – AM

Weighted Chin up 5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1

DB Hammer Curl 10, 10, 10, 10

L sit on DBs 4 x max

WOD 2 – PM

5 mile trail run

The morning session was designed to improve pulling strength that for me rarely gets trained. More often are the high volume pullup days where I’m testing my muscles’ stamina and recovery instead of their overall strength. Particularly weak in this chain are my arms, an area that whether you’d like to admit it or not factors in pretty heavily when it comes to doing a lot of upper body strength moves. So forgive me the inclusion of biceps curls.

I don’t have a belt to hang weight beneath me, so I used a combination of weight vests and DBs to accumulate enough resistance. My top set was with 15 kg of vests and 30 kg of DB. I found this to be as hard as doing 60 kg of hanging weight (from my memory), so I’m hoping the distribution had something to do with it and not all is my body having grown that much weaker. Considering that I’ve actually PR’d both my Deadlift and Back Squat in the last week, I think this is likely.

In the afternoon I left my car up near Rainbow bridge in Folsom and had a friend of mine drop me off down near Nimbus Dam, about 5 miles or so down the edge of Lake Natoma (Above picture is from early this summer on the same lake). From there I proceeded to explore a series of trails, hills, and parkland that I hadn’t known was there. Apart from the very popular bike trail that runs along the water there is a serious network of offroad paths to be taken advantage of here. And there are some MAJOR climbs within. I got real caveman and decided to wear my Vibrams—maybe a bit ambitious since the terrain turned out to be pretty rocky in parts. But overall I loved the run. I’m considering going back and marking off the best combination of trails and running it for time, with a possible eye towards hosting a race that would run from Nimbus Dam to Negro Bar. The elevation changes are pretty extreme in spots (150-200 foot climbs) and the views are spectacular. My feet are going to take a few days to recover I’m sure, but I’ll be back out there again soon to snag some pictures.

Heading on a hike with the family tomorrow to see the Aspen trees in fall form, should be a wonderful weekend.

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