Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Night WOD

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – In the morning:

Sumo Deadlift 3, 3, 3+

Strict Press 3, 3, 3+

Good Mornings 10, 10, 10

Inverted Row 12, 12, 12

WOD 2 – In the evening:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Barbell Complex (50 kg) & Burpee wall jump

Decided to go with sumo deadlifts this morning to change things up a bit. Can’t remember the last time I did these so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I assumed that I would be a little weaker than I had been in past weeks doing standard DLs. This proved true, as I was only able to get 4 repetitions at 396 lb this morning. The interesting thing to note about this was the change in impact of the exercise. Ordinarily I find the most difficult portion of the movement to be somewhere just below the knees, but today it was at the very bottom. The sumo version felt like if I could get it off the ground the bar was going to snap up whereas conventionals definitely have a few sticking points along the way.

Also, note that I bumped the good morning weight to 75 kg since I can feel my back progressively getting stronger. Hoping that trend will continue.

This evening I threw a bar and a couple of 15 kg bumpers into the back of the car and headed with my mom over to a parking structure overlooking the Folsom bridge. It was deserted as usual, leaving nothing but the 75 degree air and an orangish glow from the street lamp as our companions. She worked out 4 sets of 25 burpees while I did the above couplet. The barbell complex consisted of 1 power snatch, 1 oh squat, 1 squat jump, and 1 back squat thruster. The wall was just short of chest high. The idea here was to combine a fatiguing component with an explosive component to see how quickly I could recover and long I could sustain explosive output.

Overall this didn’t go too badly, although my back certainly started to feel the deadlifts and good mornings from earlier by the 3rd round. I didn’t miss any of the jumps and my legs held up decently throughout the complex sets. Had my back not started giving out I think I could have completed it faster. As it stood my time was 7:22.

More than the results this was super fun. An empty rooftop on a warm night just felt right. As always, I cannot encourage everyone enough to re-imagine your surroundings and discover new ways and places to train. Go do something you’ve never done before in a place you’d never think to do it.

The link from tonight is below.

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