Wednesday, December 15, 2010

14th and H

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – In the morning…

Deadlift 3, 3, 3, 3

5 rounds for time:

20 squats (45 lb)

10 push press (45 lb)

10 good morning (45 lb)

WOD 2 – In the afternoon…

10 story sandbag carry (100 lb)

50 hand release pushups

20 wall climbs w/ bag (6.5 foot wall)

WOD 3 – In the afternoon…

10 x 10 story stair run

BIIIIGGG workload today. After some heavy deadlifting using a new technique, Bodie and I did a light metcon intended to be done unbroken. The weight was light enough that the lactic acid would only build to the point of discomfort rather than to that of failure. This was nice for a change. Such would not be the case in the afternoon.

We had a great crew together though, so it honestly didn’t seem as bad as it felt. Plus there was a little bit of rain on the top deck of the parking garage to keep us cool during the workout. It felt great to be back training outside, in the middle of the city with skyscrapers rising up around us and a little bit of weather pouring down. Made me think of when I was living in Leiden training at the old citadel.

In all there were 6 of us at 14th and H in downtown Sacramento. We staggered our starts to avoid congestion on the stairwell—worked great. We all finished at different times but never got in each other’s way. The toughest part of this routine was actually the pushups. 50 hand release pushups after carrying 100 lbs up ten stories is no joke. The wall climbs were a blast… definitely needed to re-introduce these into the routine. Since I came back from Europe I haven’t been scaling near enough immovable objects.

Afterwards a couple of us stayed around and did a sequence popularized by local fire captain Chad Augustine. 10 times up and down the stairs, single steps on the odd rounds and double step sprints on the evens. Now, ten floors is a lot of steps but because it takes a good while to get down, the rest interval actually works. I always felt ready to go again by the time I reached the bottom. This was a great way to finish off the day and I’m grateful Chad, Milo, and John convinced me to stick around for it.

Below is a video from the sandbag workout... That’s right, got myself a new camera finally. Enjoy.


  1. Cool video as always, got to fined a parking building and try it.
    Blair, i've ordered the crossgym black CORDURA® SANDBAG. how much weight can it handle ?

  2. Hey Blair, awesome vid... What kind of video camera did you get and what program do you use to edit the videos? - Thx

  3. @ zvi, great call getting a cordura bag. i've filled it up to 60 kg before but it may be able to take more if the sand is wet... :)

    @ john, the camera i have is an olympus stylus tough and the editing software is imovie.

  4. Hey Blair-
    I did WOD 1 with 80 kg DL and unbroken sets of the Squat, PP and good mornings. Awesome WOD.
    Just out of curiousity, when you say "heavy" deadlifts, what weight do you mean? :)

  5. Ian, the deadlifts I worked up to 180 kg. Glad you liked the workout!

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  7. This was a really fun day. Nice chopping and splicing on the video. That wall and that 100# bag were a real SOB. I definitely want to do more of that.