Friday, December 10, 2010

Sprinting through Glue

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – In the morning…

Consecutive 1 minute rounds of


Floor Press (80 kg)

DB Squat Clean (20 kg)

Rest 1 minute & repeat 3 times for total repetitions

WOD 2 – In the afternoon…

6 x 100 meter sprints

Tumbling and handstands in a padded room… J

I had a new workout partner this morning—after a few near misses my longtime friend Clint made it over early today to train. We didn’t waste much time and kind of just dove into it after a brief warm-up. I found this sequence to be very locally taxing on the muscles in my arms and shoulders, but not too difficult on my heart and lungs. I guess compared to running up hills a 3 minute mixed triplet just doesn’t cut it. My effort was high and I got a lot out of the movements, scoring 73, 56, and 48 for each respective round, giving me a grand total of 177 for the WOD.

In the afternoon I met John and Sarah over at McClellan Air Base to train at the Fire Academy weight facility. We decided to do sprints… absolutely devastating. I felt like a single gear bicycle going up a steep hill. I have no idea as to my times, but I can say this: NOT fast. It made me wonder in awe at what it must feel like to be Usain Bolt or any other top tier sprinter, seemingly floating across the track on a 100 mph tailwind. My experience is more akin to an all out brawl with an invisible man, thrashing and gasping through the air like a blind bodyguard in a riot. Sarah, of course, glides across the ground like a deer. Ex-track stars have that luxury it seems.

Afterwards John led us inside to what can only be described as a padded paradise. It is typically used for combat training and self-defense, but it doubles nicely as a gymnastics haven. We did somersaults, handstand walks, hit and kicked the heavy bag, and made a few pathetic attempts at some round-offs. This was such a blast. Having a place like this at their disposal has to be such a resource for the fire and police academies. Padded mats just make it so much easier to try things you otherwise wouldn’t for fear of injury, thus making them quicker to learn. That being said, I am feeling pretty banged up from the results. Hopefully a few bumps and bruises won’t hold me back for long.

In other news, I’ve already heard a few good ideas on the pullup challenge…get those videos together and send them to me when ready.

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