Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CrossFit Stompin Ground

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Workout of the Day

A: 6 minutes of partner alternating pushups and pullups

B: 10 deadlifts (225 lb), 30 pushups, 15 clean and jerks (135 lb), 20 pullups, 8 burpee wall balls

C: 25 box jumps, suicide sprint, 15 DB thrusters (45 lb), suicide sprint, 15 KB swings (24 kg), suicide sprint

CrossFit Stompin Ground had their grand opening Sunday, during which the above workouts were performed relay-style amongst teams of 2, 3, and 4. Followed closely by barbeque burgers and other grill fare. Oh happy day.

The first WOD was upper body overload, and practically impossible to keep count of the repetitions. If I had to estimate, I’d say I did my partner and I each did 60 pullups and near 100 pushups in the 6 allotted minutes. Shaking hands with the other teams afterwards was somewhat comical as none of us could close a grip. Thanks to Katie and Winter for that one.

The second WOD was a 3 person team event and was much more diverse. The relay style allowed for lead changes and dramatic finishes, but also guaranteed that each individual did the same workload. This particular sequence I enjoyed most of all. Everything got done unbroken and the peripheral heart action style of the exercise order really sucked the wind out. My split was under 3 minutes.

Finally, we brought things home with a workout requiring a little speed and agility. The suicides were a nice touch, especially since the box jumps and thrusters left your legs feeling very heavy. People were waddling all over the gym by the last set.

Afterwards everyone slammed some food and drink and hit the road. Was a great day that has me feeling very sore and ready to rest. I wish only the best for Jake and Winter with things going forward. If any of you out there find yourselves in the Carmichael neighborhood, definitely check out their place. Won’t be disappointed.

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