Sunday, December 5, 2010

375 x 5

Workout of the Day

Back Squat 5, 5, 5, 5

Bent Row 10, 10, 10

5 rounds for time:

5 front roll muscle ups

10 jump squats (45 lb)

15 GHD situps

Did this sequence Friday night at the brand new CrossFit Stomping Grounds in Carmichael, CA. Awesome place that will be hosting a grand opening tomorrow with workouts and barbeque. Can’t wait for that.

The session well, though not quite as well as Benoit up there... I squatted 375 lb for 5 reps my final set, failing on the 6th with a great spot from my boy John. Most encouraging was that the weight continues to feel lighter and lighter on my back, leading me to believe that all the core work is paying off. For some reason I get a lot of satisfaction from this lift, probably more so than any other. It's simple and straightforward like the deadlift, but doesn't leave me as sore or as frustrated when I miss a rep.

The conditioning WOD was a change up. I’ve been messing around with front rolling out of muscle ups but hadn’t put it in a workout yet. It definitely takes more out of your arms and stomach as it requires more control than simply dropping out from the top. The jump squats were easy, probably could’ve used more weight or put a box to measure the height of jump better. The GHD’s I feel today. Since I don’t have one, getting this exercise in happens too infrequently. Top of my list as far as equipment needed. My total time was 11:26, most of that being absorbed by muscle fatigue during the muscle ups. This wound up being more of a strength endurance and recovery WOD than an aerobic capacity one.

Christmas party for Bryan College tonight… getting into the seasonal spirit. Looking forward to that pine smell in the living room.

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