Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wet Weather

Workout of the Day

10 rounds for time

50 meter swim

10 pushup

10 situp

I didn’t post it, but yesterday I went to CrossFit East Sac and did some heavy squats. I missed my top set at 425 lb but not for lack of strength. The weight felt fine on my back but I think I rushed the descent a little bit. I had already hit 405 lb like it was nothing so I had the confidence going in. But for some reason this set just didn’t have the spring out of the bottom like it normally would. Justin didn’t leave me much time to grovel over it though, because we went right into a conditioning WOD thereafter. Freddie’s Revenge, as it is called, consisted of 5 shoulder to overheads with 185 lb and 10 burpees for 5 rounds. This took me 4:30 to complete, including a 5th round blunder where I dropped the bar from overhead on my 4th shoulder to overhead, forcing me to clean and jerk the weight to get back on track. Cost me at least 20 seconds but overall still happy with how things felt.

Anyways, after yesterday’s heavy workload a lighter bodyweight WOD was the right call today. Justin met me over at the pool this morning around 8:30 so I wasn’t braving the stormy weather alone. No thunder and lightning, mind you, just wind and rain. This marks the 3rd consecutive week that I’ve done a swimming workout and I’m starting to feel my body adapting. The 50 meters felt short every set, even though I’m sure my times were getting slower and slower. What really made things difficult were the pushups in between sets. By the 3rd or 4th set my arms started feeling heavy in the water and I had to really focus on kicking hard to keep myself moving. My final time for all 10 rounds was 14:40. Justin came in at 17:00 even. I would love to see a true swimmer do this and set the bar high.

Afterwards we took 10-15 minutes in the hot tub to relax and recover—so worth it. I’m looking forward to doing things like this frequently throughout the winter and really trying to improve my times in the water. I encourage everyone else to get outside their comfort zone and do the same.

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  1. Hey great site and awesome WODs. I'm a crossfiteer from Chattanooga Tn and had a tough week keeping up. No swimming today seeing that it's 27 out.. Will sub in 20 miles of mountain biking though.