Thursday, December 16, 2010

Steelfit Reader Challenge

Here is my version of the Steelfit Challenge workout.
100 pullups for time
Every dropped set = 15 vertical jumps
Most creative workout wins a Steelfit bar and t-shirt including shipping.


  1. The pull ups were great...................the extra play time was awesome!! You set the bar high for the challenge...can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

  2. Hey Blair, very creative workout for sure; you are setting a tough standard for future submissions.

    Random question- when you were training at the Kalorama Balance gym in DC, did you ever map out a 400m (or longer) running distance? Right now, I am running 5 laps around the basketball court perimeter (approx 440m) but running in a straight line route would be much faster. Any help would be greatly appreciated...needless to say, the gym hasnt moved. Rich

  3. richard, the block that balance kalorama is located on is approximately 800 m. that's a rough estimate based on my car's odometer but at least its something

  4. Blair, thanks for the help. I'll also borrow my friend's rolling measuring tape for an exact estimate.

    I appreciate the effort you put into your blog.