Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Workout of the Day:

In the morning…

30 minutes low intensity run

In the afternoon…

Snatch 2, 2, 2, 1, 1

Back Squat 5, 5, 3, 3, 3

The small space didn’t prove too much of an issue today, though it is definitely hard to concentrate with people milling around a few feet away. And I was too scared to push my limits on the weight because getting it down from overhead is a bit of a chore (I’m still hesitant to drop it from the top in the middle of the class, so I half catch, half drop). My weights were: 70 kg, 80 kg, 85 kg (miss 2nd), 85 kg, and 90 kg. The last repetition of the day went up really easy and clean, so that was a great way to finish things off.

The back squats felt heavy. My weights were: 125 kg, 135 kg, 145 kg, 155 kg, and 160 kg. The last repetition on each of the last 2 sets was a pretty good fight, and I could definitely feel my knees diving in as I pushed to get each up. Getting 3 repetitions at 160 kg is ok, but not great. I think a 3 rep max at 175 kg is going to be my goal for these next few months. Hopefully that will help me get my 1 RM to 200 kg.

I connected with my friend Richard in Brussels today over Facebook because he has a line on a set of lifting shoes. It’s long overdue, but I’m going to find a way to get them in the next few weeks, hopefully. Squatting and snatching in Airwalks has its advantages, but I don’t think optimum performance is one of them.

Running the Eiffel Tower tomorrow afternoon. Hoping to crack 5 minutes to the top.


  1. Hi Blair,

    keep us up to date with the lifting shoes.
    I've been searching for a long time and couldn't find anything appropriate!

    Thanks and greetings form CrossFit Ansbach


    PS: Very great and motivating article in the journal!

  2. Bair weightlifting shoes and Skins should be interesting

  3. We need to make it happen man!

    Trust me, I fully understand your frustration with the little space and people wandering a few feet around you, and the reluctance to drop barbells. Been training all this time in this environment, chippers are a bitch to do!