Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Danish CrossFit Open 2010 - WOD 4

Today marks a break in the storm. My legs are finally starting to recover, and with a few more days rest and relaxation I think I should be good to resume training again. On to the 4th event.

WOD 4 of the Danish CrossFit Open was a barbell complex. With 50 kg, we were required to perform 15 rounds of 1 power snatch, 1 OH squat, 1 back thruster, 1 squat jump, and another back thruster (I forgot to note the OH squat in the video). The standings going into this event were tied at the top, with Rasmus and I both totaling 8 points, so placement here was really important before the final. My strategy was to drop the bar between rounds to try and save my grip and lower back. Having already done virtual shoveling, bodyweight squats, and max effort deadlifts, the lower half was starting to feel pretty fatigued and hanging onto the bar from overhead to the ground just felt like too much effort.

My pace at the beginning was quick and strong, and I could feel myself in the lead for the heat. At around 10, I started to slow a bit, breaking for a count between the thrusters and the jump. This proved to be a mistake. Frederik from Butchers Lab was only a round behind me at that point and he quickly made it up. He picked up his pace at the end while I started to slow and ended up beating me by around 10 seconds. I finished second in the heat and still managed to put some space between myself and Rasmus heading into the final, but I came away disappointed in the event. I think I could have performed better and pushed harder for the last few rounds and maybe have been able to hold Frederik off. As it turned out, he was the better man and kept himself within striking distance, a point that proved very important in the finals.

The standings after the 4th event were Blair: 10 pts, Rasmus: 12 pts, Frederik: 16 pts.


  1. Great work Blair. You´re a true source of inspiration.

  2. Nasty one. By the way, those behind-the-neck thrusters are sometimes referred to as Cheerleaders, a name I rather like.

    What did you do today?

    A bunch of Cheerleaders.