Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just keep rowing...

Workout of the Day:

For time:

2000 meter row

50 x 2 for 1 burpees

1000 meter row


Sadly, I'm not as tough as these stone-faced ironmen. But I do my best. This morning I woke up very sore in my chest, traps, and shoulders, very sore in my arms, and with a dull headache I can only assume was a result of the combined effects of the formerly mentioned. An exertion hangover perhaps? As the day wore on, things did not improve and I was suffering from a sizeable energy deficit by the time 6 pm rolled around. Honestly, I really did not want to train. I felt like shit, I was tired and sore, and I knew the workout I had written was not going to be fun. The biggest reason I made it out the door anyways was because I had enlisted a training partner for this week’s WODs back in DC. If I hadn’t committed to him that I was going to do the work today, I probably would not have done it.

I warmed up like usual, but with little enthusiasm. I got on the rower, pulled a few hundred meters to loosen up, got off and really considered just stretching instead. Surely everyone has been at this crossroads more than once when it comes to training on days you really aren’t feeling it. Usually, someone else in the gym will help you through it. Today, I had no one. No one except my imaginary training partner in Washington. Turns out it was enough. It also turns out that it was a good decision. Much like a beer the morning after a big night can cure a hangover, this WOD pulled my head out of its fog and loosened my body up considerably.

The initial 2000 meters started off okay, though I definitely didn’t feel like I was imparting the same snap as usual. With little strategy other than trying to save enough juice to get through the burpees without puking, I finished this first leg in 7:06. Didn’t feel too bad actually. I was able to get off, take a few breaths and go right into the 2 for 1’s (this means 2 pushups per burpee). The challenge here was definitely the breath. Coming off the rower and going straight into this exercise, you just can’t catch up with the oxygen demand. I did them in groups of 5, resting a few breaths between. It should be noted that never was I bouncing up and down like a full paced burpee. Didn’t quite have the mustard for that, but I did finish in 5:30, which I didn’t feel was too bad considering all factors. I think a good time for this would be closer to 3 minutes. Maybe next time.

The last 1000 meters was grueling mentally. I kept the pace around 1:50 most of the way, but the meters just seemed to click by slower than they ever have. Kept telling myself, "just keep rowing, just keep rowing." It took me 3:48 to finish this leg, putting my final time at 16:24. I think sub 15:00 is definitely within reason, but considering my state of mind entering the gym, tonight was a success. A marginal one. My effort level was high, but not topped out, and I hate that it took the shame of hanging my buddy out to dry back in DC to convince me to put in the work. Ah well. End result is that I feel better and the job got done.

Rest day tomorrow and Bob Vastine in town the weekend? Hallelujah Jaffar.

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  1. Good job on "sticking" with it. Self-motivation is always a challenge. Say hi to Bob from us.