Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday 11/4 - Back at it

Tonight, I headed back in still feeling a little stiff in the lower back and a little dead overall. I decided to keep the workout short and sweet, and sort of ease back into things.
I started with
3, 2, 1 strict press
3, 2, 1 push press
I got to 80 kg on the strict press, but not very cleanly. Couldn't really get myself into it. The push press I got to 97.5 kg, and it felt pretty decent. I think I could have gone higher.
Afterwards I did a 10 minute AMRAP couplet:
2 elevated HSPU
20 situp
I finished 10 rounds in 9:57, exactly what I was hoping for. It seems 2 repetitions of HSPU per minute isn't enough to overwhelm my shoulders. Next time I include them, I'll know to do more.
Overall, luke warm feeling after today. Think I may need some more rest before things feel back to normal.

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