Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trans-Continental Challenge #2

Tonight was the second installment of the Trans-Continental Challenge with my friend Josh Courage from D.C. He will be attempting the workout on Friday with a group of other athletes in Washington.
The Workout:
100 m Farmers Walk (36 kg/ 79 lb DB)
100 Double Under
30 Clean and Jerk (85 kg/ 187 lb)
100 Double Under
100 m Farmers Walk (36 kg/ 79 lb DB)
I finished in 14:23.
I have to say that I found this much harder than the first workout we did a few weeks ago. But, all things considered, I'm pretty satisfied with how it went. The first farmers walk was no problem, but I did struggle getting into the rhythm on the first set of double unders. The clean and jerks I took methodically. One at a time, every time, only resting a few breaths between each. The worst part was making sure I had breath in my chest before each clean and each jerk. So I was a bit deliberate, but I didn't miss any and all felt really sharp. The second set of double unders was really tough and the last farmers were so hard to hold onto the dbs. I had to stop at 50 meters for a few seconds or else I would have dropped them and ruined L.K.V.'s floor.
Over all I thought this was a great routine. I love the heavy weight for speed because it forces you to concentrate on every repetition. If you don't you will miss it. The other elements really complimented nicely as well. Guess we'll see how good my time was in a few days...

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