Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday 11/9 - AM....PM

In the AM...
This morning I did a trans-continental challenge with a friend of mine in Washington. Josh Courage and I worked together at Balance Gym in D.C. for a few years and have been talking about doing workouts in tandem across the divide for a while as a way to connect and create extra motivation. Today was the first installment of that idea. I came up with the workout. It was as follows:
AMRAP 1 minute rounds without rest of:
BW bench press
Reverse Burpees
Continue following the progression until you reach 100 total repetitions, then run a mile. The lowest total time is the goal. I finished in 15:11, Josh in 15:18, so this wound up being pretty tight. I felt great during the first set of presses, knocking out 22 at 82.5 kilograms (182 lbs). From there, the rest of the rounds were a struggle. Once I hit the run, however, things improved. I felt like a horse. I finished my 100th repetition just before 9 minutes, and got back into the weightroom at 15:11, meaning I was close to a 6 minute mile. Not sure if it's because the last few times I've run it was with a kettlebell or on a treadmill hill, but it just didn't feel that hard. Definitely a good feeling.
In the PM...
Met up with Hank to work snatches. My focus for this session was repetitions. I probably did 40-50 snatches tonight. I started with 60 kg, doing sets of 3, and really focusing on the timing of my second pull. Hank gave me a great tip that really helped me with this. He suggested breathing out or making an audible noise at the moment of acceleration. This little thing somehow made it so much easier to connect the timing of the lift for me. I was suddenly hitting the pocket every time. I worked up to marginally heavy weights, but only so far as I could maintain the technique. Next time I go in fresh and heavy, I'm looking for a new record. For now, big positive signs technically.


  1. yeah. as many reps as you can do in a minute for each. you have to spend a minute at each station before moving. keep repeating the cycle until reach 100 total repetitions. then run a mile