Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dommelhoeve Farm

Today started with a true country breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, spinach, cheese, and a healthy dose of Tabasco sauce. Afterwards, my hosts and I took a walk around the property, which amounts to about 230 acres of land for planting, grazing, and hunting. It felt great to be in space, away from the city. While on our tour we threw around ideas and found some great stuff to use for a workout. Here’s what we came up with:

50 meters truck pull (1530 kg)

5 legless rope climbs (7 meters)

50 axe chops

50 meters wheelbarrow run (110 kg)

50 strict OH press (25 kg)

50 walking OH lunge (25 kg)

600 meters run

Niels’s family has a 1963 LandRover with thick mud tires and a front-end tow hitch. We wrapped a rope through the front loop and used a blanket to pad my shoulders. This was much heavier than the Volkswagon Beetle that I used to pull back in Washington. Was feeling like Quadzilla by the end of the run.

The rope we tied to a 7 meter branch just to the side of the driveway. This worked really well, but was super tough because of the height.

The wheelbarrow we filled with chunks of cement, stone, and steel grate that were lying around the farm. Added up, this weighed 110 kg.

For the overhead pressing and the lunges, I used a rib of an old sailboat that was built in 1804. How cool is that? Somehow this relic is still lying around a family farm, and these guys let me use it for a workout. It weighed just over 25 kg, but felt much heavier due to the awkwardness of the object.

The 600 meter run was across an offseason corn field, so the terrain was lumpy. But the main problem was that I was completely wiped out by this point. My lungs were burnt and my legs were heavy. It took me over an hour to feel totally recovered.

That said, this was one of the more fun WODs I’ve done in a while. So unique, creative, and effective. I’ll post the video when I get back to Leiden tomorrow.

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