Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 2 in Switzerland

After a night of touring that lasted until 4 am (courtesy of my excellent host Dominque), I was swept away on a more thorough vetting of the Basel cultural scene during the daylight hours. We visited world famous swiss chocolate stores, sampled Basel's famous gingerbread biscuits, and had lunch at a place that has been brewing its own beer since the first half of the last millenium. All in all I really enjoyed the sights of this city. There was one house that has been standing since 1346! Incredible.
Afterwards, we headed to CrossFit Basel for another workout, this time a random WOD pulled from their hopper deck. Only one other soul was brave enough to come join me for the Saturday afternoon workout, and I greatly appreciated his presence. Josh had had an especially rough night out, so his effort just to get to the gym let alone do a tough workout was an inspiration.
The workout pulled from the deck was "Kelly." This consists of:
5 rounds for time of
400 m run
30 wall ball
30 box jump
I had done this workout once before, back in washington, and remembered it being pretty difficult and pretty long. My time back then was in the 21-22 minute range I think. The only difference in Basel was that the ball I used only weighed 12 lbs, rather than the standard 20. This certainly had a positive effect on my time, as I didn't have to split any of the wall ball rounds, but ordinarily I wouldn't split much even with a 20 lb ball. My time was 19:33, and it definitely felt good. I can really feel my ability to push harder without burning out increasing. Josh finished in just over 27 minutes. This effort nicely complimented the heavy strength work we had done the night before and put on the train to Geneva in good spirits.
Thanks so much to Dominique, his family, and the CrossFit Basel membership for being so inviting and gracious. Looking forward to seeing them all again soon.

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