Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rest Day

Starting to feel pretty rested finally. I think my body is just now fully recovered from last weekend's competition, and that's got me excitedly looking forward to the week upcoming. I head to Copenhagen on Friday for a Danish adventure that will include 5 WODs, 4 affiliates, a trip to the recovery spa, the oldest baroque palace in Europe, and hopefully a few beers along the way. I've been looking forward to this trip for awhile now, and with the new friends I made at the Scandinavian challenge it's shaping up to be an even better looking weekend.
This week, I'm planning to train Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, then rest Wednesday/Thursday before the weekend. Weather permitting, this week's workouts should be great.


  1. Hey Blair,

    How long do you normally take to recover after a Crossfit competition or athletic competition in general? What do you do to make sure you recover well?

    I tried to train a few days after the 2008 Crossfit Games and, looking back, it was definitely a bad idea.

  2. Depends on the level of fatigue, but usually I take a week off. That's what I did after the qualifier and the games this past year. This past weekend I didn't feel as worn down so I only took a few days, but didn't push it too hard in the workouts i did do. Besides resting, I usually try to over-eat. I figure that my body is recuperating and needing more calories than it normally would, so I should oblige it that.

  3. Thanks man.

    This helped me. I don't think I've been eating enough recently and it's hurt my recovery. I've lost about 5 pounds.