Thursday, September 2, 2010

Faceoff Episode 3

Workout of the Day

Faceoff Challenge #3

1 minute pistols

1 minute handstand pushups

1 minute power cleans (80 kg)

1 minute rest

Complete 5 rounds

Episode 3 of my ongoing challenge with Sveinbjorn marked my first session training in my garage. Great routine that mixed a major weakness with a couple strengths. Pistols are definitely not my favorite movement so doing them today was a great bit of practice. I actually wasn’t faring too poorly. I scored 29 the first minute, 20 the second, and 21 the third. Similarly the HSPUs were also going well: 21, 13, and 11 respectively. The cleans felt pretty light as well but I tweaked my back during the third set, forcing me to stop. I had pulled 11 the first round and 9 the second. Based on my total of 135 through 2 2/3 rounds, I figure I probably would have scored somewhere in the 250-260 range.

Really bummed about my back. I don’t think it’s serious but it certainly is annoying. I know the injury and it will only take a few days to shape up as the muscles relax themselves. Still, I was feeling really great about training after the trip to Copenhagen and now having the garage all set up.

The video of what I completed can be seen here.

Blair vs Sven

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