Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Reader Video Challenge

Today marks the first of many new efforts this site will make to give readers the chance to get recognized for training creatively. Each month will be marked by a different theme that will serve as the template with which everyone can come up with their most creative fitness routine. The theme for September is Public Transit. The idea here is to use planes, airports, trains, buses, subway stops, or whatever to create a cool, fun, and challenging WOD. No rules beyond your imagination. Videos should be uploaded to youtube or vimeo, then sent to me at I will post every video under the reader's video link on the blog and select the top 3-4 videos for a vote at the end of the month. Winners will receive Anywherefit t-shirts and get to suggest a future theme. If there are any questions, post them here to comments. I will post a sample video over the next couple days to get things started, but am really looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with. Good luck!!


  1. Great idea! The wheels are turnin.

  2. Blair, having thought about making some videos for ages, your challange has made br buy a camera (from ebay) and seek out some copyright free music... the video is a coming!

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