Friday, September 10, 2010

Total Failure

If yesterday’s workout was fun and low key, today’s was grueling and demoralizing. It’s coming up on the mainsite in a few days so I won’t go into too many details, but suffice it to say that I was mentally defeated by the third round and it took me 30 minutes to complete. I’d seen this WOD come up before and really expected that I could perform well, but almost immediately I knew this wasn’t going to happen. There hasn’t been a session in recent memory that I felt so shitty about and it’s given me extra motivation to push the envelope more. If I can’t handle a routine like this that combines a lot of skills at high intensity, then that’s what I need to work on. More moving parts, less simplistic couplets and triplets. Should be a feast for some creative programming over the next few months. I'll give a more thorough evaluation of the workout after it's posted on the main site Saturday.

On another note, there are only a few dozen shirts left in the box so if you want them snatch em up quick.


  1. I feel your pain bro. Did that WOD last week...effin brutal!

  2. if the workout you are referring to is "The Seven":

    im pretty sure Dell sent me a text afterword that said "The Seven: 17min...Boom! x"

    thats just nasty

  3. I did the Seven when it first came up 3 months ago, brutal!!!

  4. So are you going to give the more thorough evaluation you promised? I did The Seven the last time it came up...wasn't like life too much during it. Planning on hitting it tonight...