Saturday, September 11, 2010

Old Friend in Town

Workout of the Day

5 sets max muscle ups

5 rounds for time:

20 pushups (hands up at bottom)

50 double unders

Josh Courage came through town this evening on his way to the east bay and it was great to see him again. Although we’ve been in contact from time to time doing workouts, etc. over the past year or so, I haven’t actually seen him since last August. Reconnecting is always fun and it was cool to hear the plans he and Lindsay have for their new life in California.

For our workout I took them over to the Folsom walking bridge and hung up the rings to do some muscle up practice. Being that it was around 6 pm things couldn’t have been any more beautiful. I could honestly go down there and swing around on the rings every night if the weather were like it was today. We did 5 sets resting as needed between and I got 8, 8, 7, 7, and 7. I definitely feel like the rhythm is getting more comfortable not using a false grip but I think I need a cleaner, more efficient motion if I ever want to get up in the high teens for consecutive MU’s.

Afterwards we headed back to the house and tackled a short couplet to jack up the heart rate. Josh and I both struggled on the pushups—picking your hands up every time makes things so much more difficult it’s incredible. But neither of us took much rest at all and kept pounding away through the double unders. My time was 6:57 and his was 7:01. Lindsay did the same WOD but with 10 pushups instead of 20 and smoked us both…Next time she’ll have to bump it up.

Now that Josh is in the neighborhood I’m looking forward to getting together more and more to train.

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