Friday, September 17, 2010


Workout of the Day

In the morning:

5, 5, 5+ Back Squat & Bench Press

5 x 10 ring pushup & 20 abmat situp (superset)

In the afternoon:

Kayaking on Lake Natoma

I got up today feeling pretty alright, surprising to be honest. But as soon as I did a set of squats I started to feel the soreness creeping back in. I was on the foam roll between sets loosening things up, but after each set the tightness resumed. I decided to keep things relatively light and left my top set at 130 kg. For the pressing I did floor presses and topped out at 115 kg, a fun variation that I haven’t done in a long time.

The main feature today was getting out on the water though. John and I spent almost 3 hours on the Lake paddling around, jumping off cliffs, and swinging on ropes. SO MUCH FUN. It’s been too long since I’d done this and I forgot how plain and simply enjoyable it could be. It was definitely more of a leisure pace--no real sprint paddling, but the sum total of work was there. We covered 5 miles or so in total and emerged good and tired. Took some great pictures and found some amazing spots for future workouts.

Going to soak up a day of rest tomorrow and watch my high school alma mater play football under the lights. Can’t wait.


  1. Looks heavenly mate.I enjoy your blogg every day and take inspiration from it. Don't worry about the lack of return on your video request. I'd get beaten up here in Liverpool or thrown from the bus/train if I tried it.I think our American cousins accept such innovation more than here in Blighty. However, I applaud your imagination and continue to take inspiration and encouragement in my fitness journey. Please continue mate! By the way,next time your in England,come down and train in Liverpool at our x fit gym (not yet affiliated).