Monday, September 20, 2010

Run the Mountain

Workout of the Day

In the morning:

10 x 200 meter hill run for time

In the evening:

10 x 1 hang power snatch

Anticipating a long day of NFL football, I decided to take myself down the block to the steepest hill in my neighborhood. 200 meters of 15% grade up and down ten times makes 4000 meters in all. A fair bit of running for a fella on a Sunday morning. Took me 26:01 in total to finish all 10 rounds. My pace was pretty steady until the last round, when of course I sprinted with all I had left to the finish. The downhill intervals were short, but just long enough to recover between climbs. Hoping to work in more and more hill running going forward.

This evening I hit some hang power snatches to work on timing and explosion during the second pull. I started at 135 lbs, worked out a few kinks, then upped it to 155 lbs. After 3 reps there I went to 185 lbs for the remainder. Looking at the video footage, my biggest problems were early arm pull and a little forward lean. I think I did more than 10 reps and definitely improved by the end. There’s a clip below.

Also, less than a week until the Fit As F*ck Challenge. Bummed I won’t be there to see it in person, but I wanted to wish everyone training and planning to compete the best of luck. I know it will be a hell of a show.

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