Monday, December 7, 2009

90% day

Todays workout:
10 rounds for time of
Bench Press x 2 (90% 1RM)
10 back extension
10 GHD situp
8 minute rest
4 minute Tabata treadmill hill sprints @ 15% incline and 90% speed
This was a tale of two halves, today. The 10 rounds of pressing and core work went amazingly. I estimate my 1RM at 140 kg (310#) because I have done 315# previously, but haven't tried in a while. This put my 90% number at 125 kg (275#). I was able to do every set without splitting, which was great. The extensions and situps were similarly steady, although I could feel my core tiring towards sets 8, 9, 10. All told, it took me 15:48 to finish 10 rounds.
The treadmill hills were not so enjoyable. I really wish I would've taken video of this. If I looked anywhere near as whipped as I felt, it would make for hillarious footage. The first 4 sets I put the speed at 15 km/hr (9.4 mph) approaching what felt like 90% of my top speed. I literally barely made it to 20 seconds on the fourth set. I had to drop the speed to 13 km/hr (8.1 mph) for the last four sets and was still heaving the whole time.
I have no way to measure/count repetitions on this exercise, but it really doesn't matter. For all you treadmill haters out there (and I am one of them) check your egos for 4 minutes and give this a try. Find a globo-gym, crank the machine up to 15% incline, and sprint. I don't think there's a better way to train your lungs than this.
I'm going to try this again next week when I'm in Washington and I will tape it.
Last thing... a little shout out to CrossFit Ansbach for posting a seriously great picture a few days ago. It's certainly one of my favorites and I hope they don't mind my posting it here.
If only it came with an audio track...


  1. Its easy to hate the treadmill, but the are fantastic for tabata like intervalls.. I have done them for a while and still get killed every single time..

  2. dude, youre not kidding. ive used it for hill runs twice now, and it is just impossible to catch your breath

  3. Blair, I seriously agree with you about the picture from Simone. She really gave everything she had to pull the weight up.
    btw, i really like your workouts!