Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 2 in Treviso


5 rounds for time:

47 steps OH medball stair climb

20 wall ball


I woke up to 6 inches of snow in Treviso this morning… And still falling. Not to be deterred, Judson and I jogged over to City Hall in the midst of the falling flakes and set up shop at the base of the front staircase. This building was bombed during World War II and boasts the scars to prove it. Above the main door one can see a jagged crack in the brick exterior that reaches to the roof, a reminder of how the citizens had to rebuild much of the massive building after the war. This morning the view was less clear. I must say, however, this was so much fun. The snow was cold but dry, and once I got moving the elements really didn’t bother me much. The hardest part was doing the handstand pushups against a wall that was a few degrees short of vertical. Because my feet were so far behind my center, it was like pressing through sand to get it to lock out. (Not to mention the ground was pretty slick and keeping balance was half fear/half skill).

Major respect to Jud for getting up early and playing cameraman in the cold. I think he had the worse end of this deal, honestly. Like I said, this was a lot of fun. Today was another example of how the things that normally hold us back can easily be overcome.



    awesome workout. i'm working on getting to HSPU.

  2. I WAS feeling pretty good about the 2 feet of snow I just shoveled on the driveway. Guess I need to wear a weighted vest or something next time to keep up with you!