Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Day

It snowed in Leiden! I got up and walked my sandbag to the park this morning, with the temperature hovering right around 0 degrees celsius. Once there, I got after this workout: 3 rounds of 20 pullups 20 pushups 40 sand bag lunges 200 m sand bag carry A few dogs and some frosty conditions aside, this workout turned out great. Everything with that damn sandbag seems to be so hard, and this was no exception. The lunges wore me out almost immediately, and the carry was more like a stagger than a run. I finished 3 rounds in 15:11, and, rather than carrying the bag all the way back to my apartment, I emptied it out and stuffed the sack in the trash. Wasn't ready for more weighted carries and I had to dump it soon anyways. Felt like as good a time as any. Three hours later I was on a train toward Italy to join my college friend and pro basketball player, Judson Wallace for a few days in Treviso. Looking forward to another unique weekend in a new place.

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