Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back in Washington!

I arrived yesterday afternoon to brisk weather and friendly faces. A few of us went out and had some fun on the town last night, and today we hit the gym. Balance has upgraded since I've been away... The new facility is now completely operational and it is state of the art. The studio sports a massive strength grid built from steel I-beams and a massive floor mounted pull up system along the back wall. Mark (owner), Danielle (head crossfit trainer), Brian (old roommate), and I used this space today for a 3 part workout that felt great. Max rounds of 5 x weighted dips (32 kg) w/ 60 second intervals -8 minute rest- Back Squat progression ladder w/ bodyweight (185 lb) -8 minute rest- 21, 15, 9 Hang Power Snatch (95 lb) Pullup The dips felt great. I wound up doing 5 sets full, then 4 reps on the 6th set. Very happy with this. The squat ladder started out pretty tame, then got hard in a hurry. I rolled through the first 8 rounds with no problems, but during the 9th I started to feel my hamstrings big time. The right one threatened to cramp during the 4th or 5th repetition. I wound up finishing 12 full sets + 7 reps on the 13th. Thats a total of 85 squats. The final segment was a short metcon, and my legs were not wanting to go through with it. I finished the first 21 snatches and 21 pullups unbroken. The second set I did in 5s on the snatches and 10/5 on the pullups. The third set went 5/4 on the snatch, 6/3 on the pullups. My total time was 4:32... not bad, but I know this could be done quicker with fresh legs. The second and third sets felt much heavier than the first. This was a great day, the first of many I foresee on this trip.


  1. if you've got the time, drop by Potomac CrossFit (arlington, va) for a WOD!

  2. Hi Mark and Danielle. Looking good. I like your logo Blair.